Jon Mills: a check-kiting, jet-setting scoundrel

IMG_3038Jon Mills Mugshot
Jon Mills is in the midst of defrauding investors, service providers, friends and associates of millions of dollars.  He is doing it by treading on his seemingly good name as CEO of MotionLoft and his association with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban,  bouncing millions of dollars in bad checks, forging documents and using stolen personal information to fund his extreme lifestyle.

Over two weekends in November, 2013 alone, Jon Mills chartered ten different private jets, to the tune of nearly $200,000, flying friends and models across the country.  He even had musician Miguel perform a private concert for his girlfriend, bouncing a check in the process.

Below are the bounced checks and invoice for his private jet activity.

Jon Mills          Jon Mills Bounced Check

I urge law enforcement to stop this financial terrorist.  The only thing that will stop him is a jail cell.


Jon Mills with Miguel
(ostensibly taken before bouncing a check on the R&B star)